Galician pee desperation – Desperate teens in public

Here’s what happens when you are at a concert and there is no restroom around… these poor girls are desperate to pee, so they squat to release their bladders near a tree, in the open air. Galician manages to record them while they urinate shamelessly in public! We can see a desperate girl in blue jeans at the beginning of the video, crossing her legs and holding her crotch as she urgently needs to pee. She finally squats and releases a waterfall of pee. How much beer do you think she drank before? A lot, judging from the strong stream of urine she makes! In the meantime, several other girls are urinating all around her. It looks this is the only suitable place to squat and pee, but being in the open air, Galician manages to record all of them from a high perspective. Girls do not look up, as they are too drunk to notice, or maybe because they just do not care. There is also another good scene: a girl in black shirt and blue jeans pissing in the semi squat position (mooning and bending over in middle air), exposing her pretty young ass to the sight of everyone. Unfortunately, she just finished to empty her bladder when Galician catches her. A third nice scene involves a pretty girl with a green hat and a pink sweater: she pees while holding a tree with her hand in order not to fall. When she finishes, she stands up, does not wipe her pussy (bad girl), and stands up to dress (showing us a little bit of her hairy bush). The last sequence shows a girl squatting by anoither three, her hands holding down her pants, while her girlfriend tries to cover her, unsuccessfully. Another great video from Galician Gotta Go series!