Galician pee desperation: young girls peeing in public

Galician Gotta Go series from Voyeurismo Public Sex pee desperation scenes. Another great video from Galician! During a concert or festival in Spain, in a venue where there are no public restrooms nor porta-potties, girls usually drind a lot of beer, so their bladders quickly fills up. In a situation like this, the only thing they can do to relieve themselves is to find a secluded place somewhere around, where they can at last release their full bladders. In this video we can admire a beautiful blonde spanish girl who is extremely desperate to pee. She arrives at a presumably safe place to pee, between two parked trucks. The Galician is there, with his camera ready to record the scene. Poor girl is really bursting to pee: she does a lot of pee dance and keeps holding her crotch. It looks like she is doing her best not to wet her pants. She fights a little bit with her panties, then manages to open them, then she puts down her tight jeans and underpants with a single move, then finally squats. She can pee, at last, and a very strong white stream of urine starts flowing from her pussy, running between her feet, on the floor. We can clearly see the stream and a few drops of urine dripping from her hole, and… surprise! She has a tampon sticked up into her pussy: the white cord is clearly visible! In the meantime, she takes a napkin into her hand. After finishing to pee, she wipes her pussy carefully, stands up, and, with her bladder now empty, she can put back her panties and jeans, but not before giving another good wipe to her pussy with the same napkin. She is finally free to go to enjoy the concert again, so she reaches the two girlfriends who were waiting for her, and then they go away together.