Galician pee desperation: teen going in public

Another great night shoot from the Galician! He is lurking with his night camera at the top of a dark place in spain, so dark that many girls choose to go there when they need to take a pee without being noticed. But the Galician has a night vision camera, so he can record video footage with his infrared lights turned on, without being noticed from the girls going to pee just below him, a few meters away. A drunk and desperate to pee girl goes below the galician. She is clearly in a very urgent need to pee: she is bending over in the attempt not to wet herself. She manages not to pee her pants and finally opens her jeans. She then puts down the jeans and her underpants with a single move, helping herlself with a little jump on the spot, and then moons to pee in the super-hot semi squat position: she just bends a little bit. Right after bending, a very strong stream of piss starts to fall from her legs, like e waterfall. She pees strongly and continuously for 16 seconds, staying perfectly still while doing it. After emptying her bladder, she stands up back in position and, without any particular hurry, she wears back her panties, and puts up again her jeans. She keeps her nice legs slightly open in an extremely sexy way while she does all this. She takes her time to wear everything back like before. We clearly understand she does not feel the pressure of her bladder anymore, as she moves in a relaxed, slow paced way. She also puts back her belt in place, taking all the time it needs as she does not have to urinate anymore. After all, she left a huge puddle of pee below her: we cannot see it, but we can rest assured there is!