Galician best scenes – Pee desperation

This galician best scenes compilation is a collage of 16 minutes uninterrupted video footage showing several sexy young teenagers urinating in the open air during a concert or festival in spain. These poor teenagers are drunk, and they urgently need to take a piss somewhere as they are bursting from their full bladder, reminding them they have to squirt out all the piss they have inside after drinking a lot of beers. There are no ladies restrooms around and, even if they were, there would be too much crowd in it. So the young ladies have no other option than trying to take a piss outside, somewhere they can hide and squat to pee without being noticed. But the galician is waiting for them! The first scene features a girl in pink shirt, squatting in front of her girlfriend and releasing her piss from her open legs. We can see her nice ass from behind as she is urinating like a fountain. In the second scene we barely see a girl in green shirt taking her pee ion front of her boyfriend. The third sequence features a hot chick in the semi squat position, and we can enjoy the sight of her beautiful ass in full view while she pisses. After another short piece showing the round ass of a girl in pink shoes pissing with legs spread wide, there are many sequances of ladies urinating in the full squat position, a very nice sight of beautiful asses with the stream of urine coming out from the open vulvas at the other side! One of the best scenes is near the end: a hot black haired girl with white t-shirt and blue jeans squats to release her bladder in full view, close to her girlfriend that is doing her best to cover her!